Error encountered during xml parsing at location 0

If the namespace separator is a zero byte ( chr( 0) ) then the namespace URI and the local part will be concatenated without any separator. recent error encountered by an xmlparser object, and will only have correct values once a call to Parse( ) or ParseFile( ) has raised a xml. The following attributes contain values relating to the current parse location in an xmlparser object. AN AGGREGATE FUNCTION IN A SUBQUERY OF A HAVING CLAUSE IS INVALID BECAUSE ALL COLUMN REFERENCES IN ITS. HOWEVER, ONE OR MORE NON- TERMINATING ERROR CONDITIONS WERE ENCOUNTERED. THE VIEW CANNOT BE PROCESSED BECAUSE THE LENGTH OF ITS PARSE TREE IN THE CATALOG IS ZERO; - 820. DUPLICATE ANNOTATION DEFINED FOR object- name AT OR NEAR location IN XML SCHEMA DOCUMENT uri; - 16252. The problem with your element type jobStats, detailedInfo and fileInfo. Since these types are not defined. I have modified XSD to this way: - < xs: schema. I' ve put together several test stored processes running over XMLA and they seem to be working fine, but when I try to execute my final stored process with a large XML document I get the following types of errors in the logs:. Backup { 0} was not found at the recorded locations ' { 1} ' or in any of the user- specified locations. Log directory ' { 0} ' is skipped; log files cannot be accessed in that location. During parsing XML file { 0} error occurred: { 1} ; ARY4007E.

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    Error encountered parsing

    CLFRO0001E: Failed to edit bookmark, url is: { 0}, This error is encountered if an unexpected exception occurs when updating the. CLFRO0163E: The XML parser failed to find the configuration file { 1}, that are located in the { 0} directory. Have you ever thought about using XML in DB2 for z/ OS, but were afraid that you would need to study a lot of material before you could actually begin? DSNT408I SQLCODE = - 8, ERROR: ERROR ENCOUNTERED DURING XML PARSING. AT LOCATION nn An incorrect character is found within. If errors occur when validating an XML document using the XMLVALIDATE scalar function, use the. In the XML document, the contents of the errText, location, lineNum and colNum elements identifies the specific. < / errText> < lineNum> 1< / lineNum> < colNum> 272< / colNum> < location> / Person/ Age< / location>. ERROR ENCOUNTERED DURING XML VALIDATION: LOCATION n; TEXT: text; XSRID schema- ID. that is being validated after the conversion of the XML to codepage UTF- 8.

    text: Additional information describing the parsing error. XML format or syntax errors are detected by the XML Parser Library ( and include errors resulting from malformed XML,. Operation processing errors are errors encountered during the processing of an operation, typically as a result of. < Response MajorVersion= " 1" MinorVersion= " 0" >. < ExternalRoutes> that does not exist at this location in the Border Gateway Protocol ( BGP) component hierarchy.