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myself so I can' t say for sure, but looking at the plugin' s code it would appear that the XML returned by svn info < repo_ url> - - xml is sponse may occur. The example below highlights the text that is generally returned with an Invalid XML response. This error occurs if a valid element name has been provided, but it' s path is incorrect. Both the element. Make sure the web server you' re pulling the file from is sending the correct character encoding when it serves the page. You should see something like this in the response headers: Content- Type: " text/ xml; charset= utf- 8". testdb= # CREATE TABLE temp( a xml) ; CREATE TABLE testdb= # INSERT INTO temp( a) VALUES( ' < a> 111< b> 222< / a> ' ) ; ERROR: invalid XML content DETAIL: Entity: line 1: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: b line 1 and a. When I insert an event and call the " services/ search/ jobs/ export" REST endpoint, the XML that comes back is malformed and breaks XML parsing. There is another empty results document appended after the end of the. The only way to duplicate the reported error was by mangling the xml, such as by adding a leading space. Next, the xml was fed to OP' s function handleServerResponse( ). It returned the correct value in both cases. ajaxSubmit( { dataType: ' xml', beforeSubmit: function ( ) { / / something }, error: function ( jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown). The solution is quite simple as it has nothing to do with the script or the generated xml at all.

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    20: 05, 292 [ virtwho. env_ cmdline ERROR] RhevM: MainThread py: run: 375 - Virt backend ' env/ cmdline' fails with error: Invalid XML file returned from RHEV- M: ' ascii' codec can' t encode. When I try manually saving an entry with an emoji character in a text field, I get an error like ' Body' contains invalid XML. The following error was returned: loadXML( ) : Char 0xD83D out of allowed range in Entity, line: 1. As you can see when visiting this URL: com/ api/ 694FAD89942D3827/ series/ 78804/ all/ en. xml, the returned xml is invalid. Chrome gives the following error: error on line 9590 at column 8: Opening and ending tag.