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and the webpage: < servlet> < servlet- name> Registration< / servlet- name> < servlet- class> packagename. Registration< / servlet- class> < / servlet> < servlet- mapping>. How are you doing your servlet/ jsp mapping. I would look at your web. xml ( or however you are configuring the mapping) to make sure that you have a servlet/ jsp mapped at that name. Solved_ Error servlets - HTTP Status 404 error in the jsp, netbeans - Some time when you try to run your web project in netbeans after deleting index. html page it show error HTTP 404 page not found. its shown by server sources in / WEB- INF folder are not publicly accessible ( otherwise the enduser would be able to see sensitive information such as datasource username/ password in web. xml by just opening it directly). You need to put om comments above you had placed file in wrong folder. jsp file inside WebContent folder.

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    Error found

    Do not put in WEB- INF folder. WebContent folder. The mandatory location of all Web resources, including HTML, JSP. The problem that i am facing is I have a simple test application if a page is not found than it show 404 error but instead of this page i want to show. And then what happens is that the application does not find the action. jsp as it does not quest dispatcher is used to dispatch request to any resources, such as HTML, Image, JSP, Servlet on the server. If you want to forward your request to a jsp you need to define like below RequestDispatcher dispatcher. I guess you have something like this in your dispatcher- servlet. xml : < bean id= " viewResolver" class= " org. InternalResourceViewResolver" > < property name= " prefix" value= " / WEB- INF/ views/ ". JSP ページをデバッグする際に、 最も有用な機能は、 デフォルトでブラウザに送られる 出力です。. この機能を使用不可にするには、 Web アプリケーションの WebLogic 固有のデプロイメント記述子の jsp- descriptor 要素で、 verbose. Error 404 - Not Found. Most probably the url mapping / randomNumberServlet does not point to the randomNumberServlet servlet.

    You have 2 options: In your web xml define your servlet and a URL mapping; Or, If your servlet container is Servlet.