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If you have a database dump and see:. The solution, per this comment in the drupal. org issue queue, is this: Change this: CREATE TABLE ` ` key_ value` ` ( ` ` collection` ` varchar( 128) CHARACTER SET ascii NOT NULL DEFAULT ' ' COMMENT ' A named collection of. 1) You have this tagged as MySQL but then you seem to be running MariaDB, those aren' t the same thing. 2) If there' s an error in your SQL ( which is what this is saying) and this SQL file was exported from the database it. This line seems to be causing the problem ` date_ art` datetime( 6) DEFAULT NULL,. This works ` date_ art` datetime DEFAULT NULL,. Is the version of the database you exported from the same as you are importing to? OK, so here is what I found, finally. When I opened the file that was giving me the error in notebook+, the last line, of course, had the following: ETXNULNULNULNULNULNULNULNULNUL. The original working database. you can optionally use: mysql - - user= root - - password= root - - default_ character_ set utf8 < database1. This is the import command I required on Windows: mysql. Needed database to import into.

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    Database mysql error

    share| e, instead of semicolon to separate the columns: mysqlimport ' - - fields- enclosed- by= " ' \ ' - - fields- terminated- by= ; ' \ ' - - lines- terminated- by= \ n' \ ' - - columns= Name, Vorname, Test' \ - u db01usr - pPW01 db01. If you have already connected to MySQL and are at the mysql> prompt, use the SOURCE command to import your file, and be sure you have selected your database with USE if you didn' t specify it on the command line. If you are not using MariaDB, change ENGINE= Aria to ENGINE= MyISAM ( or ENGINE= InnoDB ) and remove PAGE_ CHECKSUM= 1 and TRANSACTIONAL = 1 ;. Find an example here. I am trying to import a MySQL database table using the following command in Terminal:. ERRORat line 1: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server.